An entire west coast of shark lovers….almost

Shark Fins for Sale

I was very happy to learn today that AB 376, California’s bill to ban shark fin products, passed in the Senate Appropriations Committee! Next up is the vote on the Senate floor. It is vital that this bill gets passed and signed into law. California is the largest consumer of shark fins in the world next to Asia.

73 million sharks are killed every single year, with 99% of those animals being caught for their fins. The fact that one-third of the world’s shark species are now threatened with extinction is reason enough to pass this bill without even getting into the animal welfare issue. There are laws against shark finning but regulating an entire ocean is nearly impossible so if we are going to end finning we are going to have to cut the problem off at the source – the demand. Although some operations may go underground, the majority of people will not go to that illegal extreme in order to serve their wedding guests a bowl of soup.

I am hoping for continued good news out of California!

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