Japan Dolphin Day – Seattle

September 1st marks the first official day of the dolphin hunts in Taiji, Japan. So today, all over the world people gathered in front of Japanese Consulate and Embassy buildings to show support for dolphins and ask the Japanese government to end the slaughter of these intelligent cetaceans. In Seattle it was no different. We had a great group of people come out to hold signs, waves at cars and cheer for dolphins living wild and free in the oceans.

I have made some friends that I know will be part of my life for a long time and we will be there on the streets every year until Japan ends the killing of dolphins. Japan allows 20,000 dolphins to killed every year and allows countless others to be taken and sold to marine parks such as Sea World. I hope many people found our message today to be one of inspiration and awareness. I know there are those who thought the deadly cove in Taiji was shut down after the Academy Award winning documentary came out. That is not the case. The movie simply created taller barriers hiding the cove, and more police officials and fisherman guarding it.

One day we will see the end to this senseless activity. Until then, we will continue to stand up and make noise so the world does not forget.

Here are some pictures from today’s Japan Dolphin Day event in Seattle.

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