The Disgraceful Resorts World Sentosa

So earlier this evening I read that Resorts World Sentosa is going to disable their Facebook page’s comment section. They are doing this in response to a large number of complaints. Let me give you a little background on RWS and why so many people are filling their in boxes and voicemail with words of disgust.

In 2009, Resorts World Sentosa purchased 27 wild bottlenose dolphins from the Solomon Islands. Two of the dolphins died while under going “training” and since their deaths, the remaining 25 animals have been living in captivity in the Philippians. These were animals that only a couple of years ago were living in the open ocean with their families. They were swimming in waves, diving, hunting, socializing, and living the life of freedom they were born into. Now they live behind concrete and glass. They must eat dead fish and perform tricks. The unique family and social life they once knew is gone. They are now just another prop in a corporation’s drive for profit.

It was these actions that resulted in RWS gaining a large number of protesters. They see the dolphins as their property. A dispensable item they can buy and sell. Using the magic of the social networking era, I was able to speak to a gentlemen who saw the world in the complete opposite way I do.

  This is what “Robert” (a fake profile he chose to hide behind) had to say to me:

“What do you expect? RWS will release the dolphins? They have invested millions on their oceanarium and they stand to make a lot more. If they release the dolphins, they will lose millions. You guys keep saying profit. What is wrong with profit? RWS is a company, not a NPO, they are in business to make money.

The dolphins are not endangered. If any more die, RWS will suffer more than others, so obviously it is in their best interest to take extra special care of these dolphins. Why don’t you look at it that way.

I have read so many posts here about RWS not responding, but what is the use? You people don’t want to compromise. All you want is to free the dolphins and RWS won’t free the dolphins. So any conversation is useless. Why don’t you come up with another solution and see how RWS reacts? Just throwing tantrums won’t make a difference.

Why aren’t you guys after zoos? You say that some animals can manage being in a confined environment better than others. I have seen tigers in zoos. Do you think tigers do better in the wild or in a zoo? What about bears, lions, monkeys? Why don’t you go after the zoos?

And before you assume, this IS a secondary profile because I don’t want to be bombarded by you people and NO, I DO NOT work for RWS. I actually like RWS and when dolphins are performing, i will take my family to see them and tell all my friends to do so.”

I allowed myself a little time before I responded to this comment because I was so disappointed that someone can actually think this way about the world and the creatures we share it with. Clearly, Robert feels that profits should trump animal welfare and moral standards. I do not think that humans have some divine right or automatic dominance over the species we share our planet with. Just because you can do something does not mean you should. Just because we have the ability to rip cetaceans from their home in the ocean and place them in tanks for our amusement does not mean we should. Would you take a wolf from the woods and keep it in your garage for the rest of its life? It may seem like a silly example but it is nearly the same thing. Removing a dolphin from the OCEAN and putting it in what is basically a glorified swimming pool is wrong. The Sentosa dolphins were taken from a life they had a right to live. They were taken so a handful of people can make millions of dollars off of them. I personally could not care less how much money they have invested in the dolphins and their new oceanarium. It was an immoral investment from the beginning. I asked Robert to please inform himself on not only this particular issue but on cetaceans in general. Bottlenose dolphins live more than 40  years in the wild. RWS killed two of their captives within a year of taking them from the sea.  They now have blood on their hands.
The captive cetacean industry is based solely on profits and greed. And it has no place in the 21st century.
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One thought on “The Disgraceful Resorts World Sentosa

  1. That is just unfair.. not to value animal life is not a human trait.. these people are monsters.

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