The West Coast Loves Sharks!

Blue Shark

AB376, the bill to prohibit the sale, possession, and trade of shark fins in California passed the Senate 25-9! This is amazing news and a huge stride in the effort to protect sharks.

California is the largest consumer of shark fin outside of Asia and now, after a very long political battle, sharks and environmentalists have finally prevailed. Those opposed to the bill say it is discriminatory and takes away the right of Chinese Americans to eat the traditional dish of shark fin soup. But, at $80 a bowl, I think it is safe to say those opposed to banning shark fin are just thinking about the money….not the tradition or the health of our oceans.

73 million sharks are killed each year and most of them go towards shark fin soup. The passing of this bill represents another state putting ocean conservation as a priority. And that is something we will all benefit from.

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2 thoughts on “The West Coast Loves Sharks!

  1. Awesome! But do you think the current possessors being allowed to continue to sell their stock for another 2 years will create more demand? Political compromises in this instance are gross.

    • I am not sure if that will create more demand. I am hoping that news about the amendments to the bill come out soon. I agree with you that it is unfortunate that the fins can be sold for another two years. I will post updates about the bill and what the exact terms are as soon as I know so check back. I can also look into the higher demand thought too. Hawaii was the first to ban shark fin products so maybe they have some statistics out about it. Thank you!

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