Champions for Cetaceans posted this video about the dolphin hunts in Taiji, Japan. It includes an interview with a local journalist about the situation at the Cove.

Champions for Cetaceans

Via Leah in Taiji with Save Japan Dolphins:

“What a feeling, to stand there over the Cove, filming and shaking as those last two Rissos dolphins, mother and wee tiny baby, fought for their lives and right next to me, a dolphin hunter, recording our every word…. but if you granted me a wish, it would not be the hunter’s death, but for him instead to WAKE UP AND REALIZE what they are doing and CHANGE”

Today marks the third dolphin slaughter this week in “The Cove” made famous in the Academy award winning film. Taiji dolphin hunters continue to drive dolphins into the cove despite opposition. The government of Japan issues permits allowing thousands of dolphins to be slaughtered every year.  In just one week the dolphin hunters have gone out weather permitting, only to drive pods of risso dolphins back to the cove where they have met brutal…

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