Morgan: An Update

Morgan, the young orca that was removed from the ocean in June 2010, has another important court date coming up. She was captured off the coast of the Netherlands and has been held at the Harderwijk Dolfinarium ever since. Although Morgan was captured under the pretense that she would be treated for her illness and then released, the people at Harderwijk claimed they now own her and will not be returning her to her family and home.

Harderwijk Dolfinarium is trying to sell and send her to a marine park in Spain called Loro Parque. If the Dutch government and the dolfinarium succeed in moving Morgan she will become property of SeaWorld and will never have the chance at freedom again. SeaWorld will place her into their breeding programs and use her as yet another animal slave that they will exploit while getting rich.

The court hearing is November 7th in Amsterdam. It will allow for submissions from orca experts that support¬†Morgan’s release back into the wild.

This is a recent video made of Morgan in the tank at Harderwijk. You can see how incredibly small the tank is. In June 2010, she was swimming with her family in the wild ocean. Now she spends everyday here, alone.

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