Another one bites the dust….

Jack Hanna supports SeaWorld and marine mammal captivity

First, there was the disappointment about Jeff Corwin hosting a show called Ocean Mysteries at the Georgia Aquarium. Now, we have the great Jack Hanna working alongside SeaWorld. I am astonished to learn that the men I grew up watching and idolizing support marine mammal captivity. And that they not just support it but will actually host programs at such places like SeaWorld. According to SeaWorld Orlando, sometime in 2012, there will be a limited time series called Jack Hanna Weekend. This will be an “educational” show about various animals. You can also reserve a spot to have dinner with Jungle Jack in which you will get up close moments with animals, a photo keep sake as well as reserved priority seating for the One Ocean show.

This is very disheartening. I hate to see Jack Hanna and Jeff Corwin supporting such an unethical industry like marine mammal captivity. SeaWorld just acquired a young, wild orca that was caught off the coast of the Netherlands in June 2010. Because of SeaWorld’s greed, immoral practices, and monetary priorities, Morgan will now spend her life in captivity. Jack Hanna is giving his name and basically seal of approval on that kind of behavior. This is a person who has claimed for years to be a man of conservation. Well Jack, you can join Jeff on my list of ex-heroes.

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2 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust….

  1. Just watching Jack Hanna back up Seaworld after Dawn’s death really irked me. How can someone try to justify this atrocity? And a supposed expert at that! Good article.

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