Money wins over morals

Morgan lost her fight for freedom on November 21st. Under the guise of “research”, the judge ruled to send the young orca to Loro Parque in Spain. She was originally rescued from the sea after she appeared to be sick. It was under these false pretenses that Morgan ultimately lost her right to freedom. The moment the immoral individuals at Harderwijk Dolphinarium had her in their hands they began coming up with reasons why Morgan could never go back into the ocean she called home. They said she couldn’t be rehabilitated and released back into the home she was born into. According to her new “owners” she has the capacity to adjust to the life in a concrete prison where she will eat an unnatural diet and have a life nowhere close to the one of her wild family, but not the capacity to go back to the life she was taken from a year and a half ago.

Morgan swimming around her astonishingly small tank at Harderwijk Dolphinarium

Under EU law it is illegal to move orcas between parks for commercial use. To get around this law Morgan is being moved under the title of research. The puzzling part is that Loro Parque is not a research facility. It is an entertainment park that exploits the lives of marine mammals the same as any other aquarium. So moving Morgan from Harderwijk to Loro Parque is illegal because it is clearly for commercial purposes, not research.

This will be Morgan’s new home at Loro Parque where she will learn to beg for her meals and be placed into a breeding program for increased profits.

Her fate will be one that includes a breeding program and training to do tricks for paying customers. She will never again swim in the open ocean or sing in the waves with her family. This situation with Morgan makes me hope that in the future if a young orca appears sick or malnourished that humans just turn the other way and let nature take its course. If we had just let Morgan be then maybe her family would have come back. Maybe she would have healed herself. Or maybe she would not have made it. I personally think a natural death in her ocean home would have been a better ending to her story than one that ends at Loro Parque.

You can email Maria Damanaki, Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries and tell her that moving Morgan to Loro Parque is illegal under EU law.

You can also send a message to her assistants




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