Red water fills the Cove



The killing cove in Taiji, Japan filled with the blood of innocent dolphins


This has been a bad week for dolphins passing by the waters of Taiji, Japan. Dolphins have been both killed and taken for a life in captivity within this small town.

Risso’s dolphins and Striped dolphins were driven into the killing cove where their last moments of life would be spent. On December 13, 2011, 14 Stripped dolphins were driven into the Cove and killed.

 Heather Hill, a Save Japan Dolphins volunteer reported from Taiji, Japan:

“We could hear them trashing. We could hear them dying.”

Sea Shepherd Cove guardians reported:

“Screams of dolphins can be heard from within the killing cove as the pod have been driven under tarps.”

Striped dolphins swimming free

Numerous Risso’s dolphins also took their last breaths this week. On Sunday, the Japanese dolphin trainers could be seen in the waters of the cove as they picked out the ones they wanted to keep for a life of exploitation. Those select few Risso’s dolphins will spend the rest of their lives in captivity. But before that can happen they will listen while their entire family is murdered.

One day the water in the Cove will run blue forever. One day there will be no SeaWorld, no dolphinariums, and no cries as dolphins mourn for their families and past lives. Until then, we will tell stories of the lives stolen and make sure the fishermen know that the world is watching.

Risso's dolphin

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