Another Morgan Update

A video was recently made of Morgan at Loro Parque. In it you can see the other two female orcas attacking her a total on nine times. And these are only the attacks on Morgan that a visitor got on film. There are no doubt constant and countless other attacks. Morgan gets no peace physically or emotionally when put into a pool with these other females.

It is very infuriating to those of us who supported her release back into the wild. The repulsive and immoral people at SeaWorld and Loro Parque (as well as anyone else who supports captivity), convinced the Dutch courts that Morgan would be better off staying in their care. Clearly, that case is being proven wrong.

Hopefully this video can help with the case being built to still free Morgan. This battle for her natural-born life and rights as a living being on this planet is not over.

Below is the video of Morgan and the attacks at Loro Parque.

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5 thoughts on “Another Morgan Update

  1. I get so angry at people who think this is a good thing (keeping wild animals for pleasure and then treating them like they are nothing more than a bag of money). I try to do my best with my limitations, but my voice is the best. Please save Morgan soon! Her spirit is being destroyed by those that claim to care:(

    • The best thing you can do is encourage people to not go to places like SeaWorld. Spread the message to anyone and everyone. Tell them not to buy a ticket and support that industry. Thank you for reading!

  2. narhvalur

    I actively work against the captivity industry. Their reply is they do it for ” research”.:((((((

    • Yes. Its very sad that places such as SeaWorld can get away with the.terrible things they do using the excuse of research. I hope Morgan stills wins get rightful life of living wild and free in the ocean. Thank you for reading my blog!

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