Taiji: A bad start to the new year


The Cove in Taiji, Japan

January 5, 2012 – The new year did not start off very good for the dolphins of Taiji, Japan. After a break for the holidays the fishermen went out in their banger boats in the search of dolphins. They unfortunately found a large pod of striped dolphins off the coast of Taiji and began driving them towards their deaths.

According to volunteers on the ground, the whole pod was visibly exhausted after being chased. Although some managed to escape the nets of the cove, the majority were trapped by the fishermen. The trapped pod was driven further underneath tarps in order to shield the slaughter from the cameras of volunteers.  One dolphin tried to escape and was quickly caught by a diver and pulled back under the tarps to be killed.

Ric O’Barry was in Taiji yesterday and witnessed the first slaughters of 2012.


Striped dolphins

The total dolphins killed this season according to ceta-base.com is approximately 399. The live capture number is 28.

All their lives stolen from them. Some died a violent death in the cove while the others will spend the rest of their lives suffering in captivity.  All of it is driven by marine parks around the world. If there were no SeaWorld,  no Miami Seaquarium, no resorts selling tickets to swim with dolphins, then there would be no more deaths in the cove.


RIP to the innocent lives stolen from this world yesterday. One day this will end.

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2 thoughts on “Taiji: A bad start to the new year

  1. Eveline van den Bossche

    It is so terrible, so much horror and terror in Taiji!
    All the innocent beautiful intelligent dolphins. I have no words for the slaughter it is disgusting….and captivity: poor dolphins sent to a life of feeling miserable and sick…..

    We must fight and someday…..all in Taiji will end!!!!!

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