Rare Irrawaddy Dolphins Found

Around 6,000 rare Irrawaddy dolphins were found in the freshwater regions of Bangladesh this week. The Irrawaddy dolphin is a small Asian dolphin that resembles the Beluga. It is light in color with a rounded head and lacks a beak.

An Irrawaddy Dolphin

Although few extensive studies on the Irrawaddy dolphin have been done, it appears that their populations are low in all areas they are known to live. They live in family groups of around 7-10 dophins and live for around 30 years. Typically their range stretches from the mainland of Asia down to the coasts of Australia. Human related activities have impacted their populations within the freshwater habitats. Fishing practices that involve gillnets and explosives seem to be a great factor in their decline.

This recent finding of nearly 6,000 dolphins gives us a reason to smile during times that involve the deaths of many dolphins in the waters of Japan.

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