Rosie and her dead shark

Rosie demonstrates her lack of respect for our oceans

Wow, today things seemed to have really blown up for Rosie and her dead shark. I originally posted the photo and wrote something back on December 16, 2011, when I first saw the picture online. I was originally very disappointed to see that the sight of a dead shark would produce smiling faces on both Rosie and her children. I am even more disappointed and disgusted as I started seeing her responses to the criticism on Twitter. For whatever reason, it took a while for this story and photo to go viral and for Rosie to receive the much deserved lashing from environmentalists and animal activists. However, she responded on Twitter this week after being put in the spotlight and questioned for her careless behavior.

Rosie’s Tweets :

January 12, 2012 – it was years ago asswipe – b4 they were on the endangered species list

January 11, 2012 – it was caught, reeled in by my 11 year daughter – the hammerhead meat was used to bait crab and lobster traps…

January 11, 2012 – I have seen Sharkwater – i love the ocean – i am on it daily in Miami – chill people – really – my family fishes.

Clearly, Rosie has missed the bigger issue here and is simply trying to excuse the bad behavior. Yes, it is beyond wrong to kill an animal that is on the endangered species list (although she says the picture is prior to the Hammerhead being listed), but to me that is not the issue.  This shows a blatant disregard for the life of another creature. This was a healthy, living shark swimming freely and peacefully in the ocean. That is until Rosie decided to board a ship with her kids for an afternoon of entertainment. She did not eat the shark, she did not mount it as some atrocious wall trophy, and no scientific research was being done. It was all for fun and sport. I think it is very irresponsible to teach children such a lack of compassion for life. She let her 11 year daughter reel in the shark as it was fighting for its life. Then the family stood back and admired its dead body and smiled as they posed for a picture. It is disgusting and I think stronger morals should be taught to our next generation of stewards. The ocean is literally dying right before our eyes. Although most have their eyes closed to the situation, it is still happening. If we don’t alter our indulgent lifestyles and teach our children to respect the world they live in, we will destroy this planet, and with that, ourselves.

So Rosie, you can keep trying to justify and defend your irresponsible behavior, but those of us with a brain aren’t falling for it.

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