The Sad and Lonely Duo in Taiji

Today I watched a video that Ric O’Barry made at the Taiji Whale Museum. He was able to film the two dolphins that live within the confines of the world’s smallest dolphin tank. He, and a couple other volunteers of Save Japan Dolphins, named them ‘Sad’ and ‘Lonely’. “Because that’s exactly what they are”. I had seen pictures of the two dolphins before and I knew of their tiny tank. I’ve shared the online petition to get them freed from that miserable place on Facebook several times. And although I’d already seen them in pictures, seeing the video footage took it to a whole new level of disgust and sadness. It was difficult watching their bodies barely moving in the water, seeing their heads resting listlessly on the bare wall, and just witnessing the sad existence they are forced to live. The emotions I felt nearly caught me off guard because I expose myself to these types of stories, photographs and videos on a daily basis. I stay as updated as possible about the marine world so that I can share it with people and educate them. I can only imagine how difficult it was for Ric to see those poor dolphins living in such atrocious and inhumane conditions and then having to turn his back and leave. He works so hard to expose the truth behind marine mammal captivity and he is definitely a hero for our world.

Below you can watch the video that Ric made of Sad and Lonely. It is an amazing thing what he does. Please watch the video and then sign the petition.

Sad & Lonely at the Taiji Whale Museum

Please take just a moment to sign this petition to help save these dolphins from this miserable life. As Ric says in the video, the dolphins will probably never be released back into the wild but there are sea pens just yards away from where they are now. They can have real sea water and see the sky and the sun.

Petition: Taiji Whale Museum: PLEASE give the 2 spotted dolphins a larger home

If you want to go a step further to help these dolphins you can write to the World Aquarium and Zoological Association and ask the director, Gerald Dick to do something to help these dolphins.

Gerald Dick, PHD

IUCN Conservation Centre

RUE Mauverney 28

CH-1196 Gland



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