Happy Blue Waters in Taiji

It was a rough start to the new year having over 60 dolphins brutally killed in the cove of Taiji. But this week Mother Nature has been kind to the dolphins by delivering bad weather to the fishermen. No dolphins were killed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday of this week. It was a huge sigh of relief to everyone watching the updates from volunteers on the ground. Especially after the events from the beginning of week.

Striped Dolphins

On Janurary 14th, the fishermen found a large pod of striped dolphins off the coast of Taiji. They began driving the pod in and eventually got them into the cove. The volunteers could tell it was a large pod of striped dolphins. Miraculously, the fishermen let a majority of the dolphins go and drove them back out into the sea. But with this gift of life still came death. Over 30 dolphins were slaughtered in the cove that day. According to reports some of their family members were trying to get back to them, not wanting to leave them behind. One dolphin tried to escape but was of course caught and taken back behind the tarps to be killed with the rest. It was bittersweet to see some live and some die. Those that died experienced violent last moments on this earth and those that were chased back into the ocean were left to mourn their family members that were viciously taken away.

I hope the rain, wind, and rough waters continue to keep the dolphins of Taiji safe.

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