Ex-Trainers Speak Out

I love seeing professional trainers speak out not only against SeaWorld, but about captivity in general. A new website called Voice of the Orcas was recently created by four ex SeaWorld trainers. Carol Ray, John Jett, Samantha Berg, and Jeffery Ventre have teamed up to tell the world what they know about captivity. All worked in the industry and have stories to tell about the horrors that occur behind the scenes at places like SeaWorld.

SeaWorld is just a circus for marine mammals

I was absolutely disgusted when I read that one such “keep quiet” story involved two orcas dying at SeaWorld from the West Nile Virus. They were bitten by mosquitos because they are so inactive at the surface of the water. It’s appalling to hear of their unnecessary and preventable deaths. And to know that SeaWorld covered it up and hid it from the public shows their true motives. They are not concerned with the welfare of their animals, they do not care about conservation and our planet. They care only about money, power and maintaining the image that has been carefully portrayed to the public.
Do the planet a favor and don’t visit any marine park or aquarium that keeps marine mammals in captivity. They are not there for science or conservation, they are there are cash cows. They are there because someone else has chosen to get rich off of their misery. Don’t buy a ticket.
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2 thoughts on “Ex-Trainers Speak Out

  1. Hester Bartels

    I ordered the book, hope it get translated in dutch and spanish aswel. People need to realise orca Morgan was not saved, but got into the hands of these powerfull crooks, who do not care about these animals.

    • I am so glad to hear you ordered the book! And yes that is exactly what happened to Morgan. I hope in the coming years more and more people realize what kind of corporation SeaWorld is. And that goes for all the marine parks and aquarims that house marine mammals. One day we will hopefully see them all shut down. Thanks for reading!

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