In Honor of Erwin

Erwin has been in a Japanese prison since 12/16/2011

Last night in Seattle a candlelight vigil was held in honor of Erwin Vermeulen. Erwin was arrested on December 16, 2011, in Japan for allegedly pushing an employee of the Dolphin Resort.

He is hero being held prisonor because of false accusations. Erwin refuses to plead guilty which is exactly what the Japanese police want him to do so they can justify their police force at The Cove. He is being fed only white rice and has lost nearly 20 pounds since his arrest. It is an absoulte outrage that he is being kept in prison and Japan should be ashamed that they are allowing this to happen.

Supporters of Erwin

Last night a large group of Erwin and Sea Shepherd supporters met at Westlake Center with signs, candles and messages of hope for Erwin and his family. We marched from the fountain at Westlake Center to the Japanese Consulate with our candles and signs. Bringing some awareness to the people of Seattle. It was great to see a couple of news cameras there and hopefully I can find those links soon and post them on here as






Walking to the Japanese Consulate

A poster made for the vigil


 As of now Erwin faces two years in a Japanese prison for this alleged push. A push that caused no injuries and had no witnesses that saw it. A verdict is expected on February 22nd.

Another gathering of support will take place on February 21st in Kirkland, WA. Visit for more information.

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