Still Hope for Morgan

Morgan during her lonely stay Harderwijk

It has been a while since I wrote about Morgan, the young wild orca now living a life of captivity. I am happy to finally be writing an update with some fairly good news. For a long time I felt I was only reading news that brought me heartache and disappointment about Morgan’s fate. However, it was announced that in the spring The Orca Coalition Group will use the legal system to go up against the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture, and Innovation. The Dutch government allowed Morgan to be captured in the first place and then allowed her transfer to the Spanish island of Teneife. They permitted the wild capture with the stipulation that the young orca would be released back into the ocean once healthy. The interesting part is how quickly certain people found reasons why Morgan’s health and status would not allow for a release. The government and the incompetent Henk Bleker fell for these ridiculous claims and decided Morgan would be better off spending her life in captivity. It was from this that Morgan was sent to Loro Parque. A great candidate for the worst politician award in my opinion would be Henk Bleker when he stated that Morgan would be sent to Loro Parque because, the ocean is “too dangerous.” I would highly recommend that Henk as well as other members of the Dutch government pick up a book about marine mammals and the ocean next time a situation like this presents itself. They may also want to read up on the EU laws that state moving an orca between parks for commercial purposes is illegal. The claim was made that Morgan was being moved for research purposes but they failed to mention the fact that Loro Parque is an entertainment park and no research occurs there. So this portion of Morgan’s life also seems to have some legal lapses as well. Hopefully though, the law will help free Morgan where common sense did not. Hester Bartles of the Orca Coalition Group says that, “now it’s about the fate of Morgan, we hope to be able to force her release via the legal route”.

The first session of this hearing is expected to take place in April in Amsterdam. The OC hopes to get Morgan moved to Norway where she can then be rehabilitated and then released.

Morgan at Loro Parque being taught to do tricks in exchange for her meals

I still have hope that Morgan will once again be swimming wild and free in the ocean where she was taken from.

“It seems ironic that the captivity industry fully expects cetaceans to cope with the violence and trauma of chase, capture, removal from community, family and habitat, incarceration in unnatural conditions, training, and acceptance of dead food – but re-adapting back to where they evolved for over fifty million years is considered risky and problematic.” – Leah Lemieux

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