Erwin is FREE!

It has been a busy week for those involved with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Yesterday a judge denied the Institute for Cetacean Research’s attempts to keep Sea Shepherd out of the Southern ocean and out of their way when whaling. They tried to claim that SSCS has no authority in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary and hoped that a U.S court would keep them away. Luckily the judge plans to look at exactly why the whalers are there as much as he will look at the SSCS’s presence.

In even BETTER news, Erwin Vermeulen was released from a Japanese prison today! Erwin was in jail after being falsely accused of pushing an employee at the Dolphin Resort while taking photographs. The judge signed an order to have him released. He has to go back to court on February 22nd to get the verdict of the assault charges from the alleged push. No jail time has been requested though. Only a $1,300 fine has been requested. Like I have said before, it is pretty obvious this entire arrest has been to try to make the Cove Guardians look like the bad guys.

Luckily, a Japanese judge saw through that and allowed Erwin to leave and go back to his duties as a volunteer for Sea Shepherd.

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