A Pink Slime Rant

Pink slime is an ammonia treated beef filler

Alright, so this is not exactly ocean news but I still wanted to say something about this ‘pink slime’ issue. The news, my Facebook friends, and even my family all seem to be talking about it. So here is my two cents – why is everyone so incredibly shocked about this? The meat industry is putting ammonia treated filler into your beef and you are surprised? This is the same industry that only tests 1 out of every 2,000 cows for Mad Cow disease. The same industry that acknowledged that nearly ALL (95%) chickens become infected with E.Coli and that between 39-75% of chickens are STILL contaminated when purchased from the store. The same industry that gives your chicken a chlorine bath during processing in order to get ride of slime, odor, and bacteria. Knowing this is why I am not shocked at all by this pink slime controversy.

Maybe the average person has no idea about the things I just mentioned. Maybe they just go into the store and buy food without giving any thought to where it came from and how exactly it got into their shopping cart. I know that is what I used to do. I never gave a thought to the chemicals or additives that were in my food. I always pictured the animal’s face as it was sitting dead in a slab of seasoned flesh on my plate, but I still ate it. Then I had a revelation one day about what I was doing, what I was a part of. I am very strongly against animal cruelty, as most decent and normal human beings are. So how could I judge the guy who kicked his dog but bite into my burger at the same time? Fact is you can’t. If you buy meat and dairy then you are supporting animal cruelty. You are supporting an industry that thrives off the miserable lives of other beings. And you are supporting an industry that also profits off of adding things like pink slime into your food. They abuse their animals and put disgusting crap like ammonia treated filler into your food because THEY CAN! Every time you walk into a store and buy a chicken breast, a package of hamburger, a gallon of milk you are saying it is okay for the USDA to do all of the above mentioned things. You might have a fleeting thought about the cow or the chicken, but you still buy their dead body parts to cook up and eat.

Then there is the whole “but I need my protein so I have to eat meat” excuse. Well, I haven’t had meat in about a year and a half and I am more healthy today then I have ever been. Nearly all plant matter has protein in it. And the proteins you are getting from animal meat are pumped with drugs and chemicals. The animals are kept in such horrific conditions that in order to keep them alive until slaughter they are given massive doses of antibiotics. In the US about 3 million pounds of antibiotics are given to people, but the livestock you consume are given 17.8 million pounds. It is no wonder 76 million Americans become sick from food every year. So yes, I will take my vegetable proteins over those animal proteins any day.

So people really started freaking out about the whole disgusting pink slime thing when news came out that 7 million lbs (eww, by the way) would be served in schools this Spring. However, it wasn’t until this week that Safeway and Supervalu, the number 2 and 3 largest grocery operators said they would stop carrying beef containing pink slime. So my question is, if you are going to go to the store and buy your family beef for tonight’s dinner then why does it matter if it is served in schools? Either way you children are eating it. Why does the school have to be held to a higher standard in their lunch rooms than the average parent does at their own dinner table? Up until this week, that is the meat that your stores were selling. It was in August last year that McDonalds stopping selling beef containing pink slime. I don’t have kids so maybe I don’t understand, but if you are going to the store and buying Doritos, Oreos, chicken breasts, hamburger patties and a gallon of milk to wash it all down then why does it matter what your kid eats for lunch at school?

Okay, I suppose that will be the end of this little rant, but I urge everyone to learn about your food! It is what sustains you and a lot of it is killing us. Studies show the direct link between osteoporosis and animal protein. New studies show the growth of cancers being linked to amounts of animal proteins eaten. Aside from the health, consider the animals for just a moment. That was a life. It had a heart beat, probably gave birth, requires food, water, and shelter just like we do. And it lived and died a terrible life so it could end up on your plate. Killing is a big deal. Death is a big deal. So at least consider your choices because those animals living and dying at factory farms have no choice. 

*If you still feel that you need to eat animal flesh and drink the milk of another species in order to survive in life, then at least consider local farmers that keep small amounts of animals in pastures and natural settings. And take the time to educate yourself about what you are feeding yourself and your families. There are resources under my Resources and Links page (Eating Animals, Food Inc., Forks over Knives).

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