A Victory in Taiji

Sad & Lonely in their tiny prison at the Taiji Whale Museum

It was a HUGE victory in Taiji this week. The two pantropical spotted dolphins being kept in what was considered the smallest dolphin tank in the world were finally moved! They were kept in the tiny prison together and had no access to sunlight, fresh air, or natural ocean water. Those who visited the dolphins at the Taiji Whale Museum said the dolphins kept their eyes closed most of the time. Nothing to look at and nothing to do. They were taken from the ocean and put there as an attraction to patrons. However, the great news came on March 22, from MMA fighter and HERO Enson Inoue: 

Oh my God!!! Just got a call from the Mayor!!! He took personally went to the Whale Museum with the Deputy Mayor and took a look at the 2 dolphins! He said that this is the first time that he observed the 2 dolphins in the perspective that I presented to him and both he and the Deputy Mayor agree that the 2 dolphins should be moved!!!!
He said that he will take steps to get this done but it will take time. He promised me that he will do what he can to get those 2 dolphins moved!!!!!!!!
Shit, he’s the Mayor of the town….. if anyone can get them moved he’s the man!
Holy shit!!!! I can’t believe this…. Happy day

And a week later the dolphins were moved! Mayor Kazutaka Sangen did personally go and see the conditions in which the dolphins were being kept and then insisted they be moved. He also officially renamed Sad and Lonely to Hope and Faith. The dolphins are not in a sea pen as we had all hoped but they are outside in a larger tank. It is an improvement on their life and that is the important thing. Taiji is not in the business of releasing its captured dolphins so until that day comes, larger dolphins tanks are a good thing. Hopefully the two dolphins will be put into a sea pen in the future so they can feel the waves and be in natural water conditions.

The beautiful view of an empty tank

A big thank you to everyone who fought to get the dolphins moved. It’s an improvement and hopefully they will soon be in an even larger area. Although the recent updates came from Enson, there were a lot of people who worked tirelessly to close down this tank. Ric O’Barry has brought a lot of attention to the dolphins as well as Sea Shepherd volunteers on the ground in Taiji. So, a big thank you to all those heroes!


Thanks for reading!

~World Wide Waves

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