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World Wide Waves

My name is Rachel and I created World Wide Waves as a place to discuss current issues about our oceans and marine wildlife. We are destroying a part of our planet that we cannot live without. And we are doing it at a rapid rate. It seems as though the majority of society is completely unaware of it, which is where I and World Wide Waves comes in. I want to expose the dark truths that surround the captivity industry and places like SeaWorld. I want people to understand how their choices impact creatures across the globe. Plastic pollution, shark finning, over-fishing, and the capture and killing of marine mammals involves all of us and the world needs to be awakened to it. I want World Wide Waves to be a place where you can get current information about our oceans and the creatures that reside in it. I want people to be inspired to change the world for the better. So, please visit often and learn about this amazing planet and the beautiful creatures we share it with.

“If we do not alter our indulgent lifestyles and teach our children to respect the world they live in, we will destroy this planet, and with that, ourselves.”

-Rachel Greenhalgh – World Wide Waves


6 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Dear author, I recognize myzelf in you 🙂 The time is right to expose the truth of the ‘wildlife’ captivity entertainment industrie, it is a good start, a first step to make people aware and captivity should be questioned.

  2. Ness webley

    Brilliant sharing of thoughts feelings words and experiences,it was like being there.may I please share this on Facebook? Wouldn’t like to do it without permission?Thank you for being there and sharing with the world.

  3. Diane

    With the plight of the large capture of 250 dolphins in Taiji, I feel so helpless. I’ve done lots of support stuff on the web. I will be taking part in the protests of Sea World since I live in Cardiff close to SD. Can I share your blog on my group Cetaceans SOS?
    Thank you for your blog. God bless you with your efforts.

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