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Japan Dolphin Day 2012!

It’s hard to believe it, but the 2012-2013 Japan dolphin hunting season is upon us. It feels like the sadness that spun from the traumatic events of last years hunting season hasn’t even gone away. And yet, here we are, facing another season of death and capture in the waters of Taiji.

The start of the hunting season will once again bring together people from all over the globe who want to see Japan end this slaughter.

Events are currently being planned all over the world so be sure and go to one near you and make your voice heard.

Tell Japan to end this for good.

Tell the world that you stand against captivity. You can make difference.

Check out this link to get information on a protest happening near you. Protests will take place on August 31, 2012 in the afternoon.

I truly hope everyone can make time to go out and support dolphins living wild and free in our oceans.


And don’t forget to check out my fundraising page for my upcoming trip to Taiji, Japan.


Thank you for reading!


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How to Help the Bonneville Sea Lions

I wanted to give a couple resources on how you can help the sea lions at the Bonneville Dam. Not everyone can travel to the Dam to be a Dam Guardian but there are ways to give your voice to the innocent sea lions.

Call and Email! Contact the governors of Oregon and Washington and urge them to stop this senseless abuse and killing of sea lions.

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber:

phone: (503) 378-4582

email: http://governor.oregon.gov/Gov/contact.shtml

Washington Governor Chris Gregoire:

phone: (360) 902-4111

email: http://www.governor.wa.gov/contact/


You can also sign the petition to help stop the sea lion killings by clicking here.


Thank you for doing your part to help the California sea lions!


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Dam Guardians and the Bonneville Dam

Well, yesterday, May 4, 2012 was my first day as a Dam Guardian for Sea Shepherd. I traveled down to the Bonneville Dam at the Washington/Oregon boarder with my friend Eloisa. We had signed up to be Dam Guardians shortly after learning the government was ordering California Sea Lions be trapped and killed for eating salmon. We got to Portland, Oregon late on Thursday night and slept for a few hours. We got up at 4:30am on Friday and drove to the Washington side of the dam where we met another Dam Guardian, Katie. She had been there before monitoring the activity and was able to give us the lay of the land. As we were standing there watching with our cameras and binoculars, a couple of men in uniforms parked across the river and were watching us. At one point they even waved as Eloisa was looking at them through the binoculars. We were greeted shortly after by a couple more men who had been informed by the woman at the gate that it was our first time there. They wanted to make sure we knew where we could go and what was off limits. They seemed nice enough but clearly we were being watched.

It was cold, cloudy and rainy most of the day. We saw several sea lions playing in the rough waters and rain. We saw two eating fish as they swam by us. Two men stood on the dam looking out over the river. One had binoculars and the other had a gun. Katie told us they shoot off hazing shots and explosives from there when the sea lions get too close. The traps remained empty the whole time we were there which was a good thing of course. Around maybe 10:30am or so the boat that patrols the area drove past. There were 3 men on board and Katie once again told us about them. That boat apparently drives back and forth chasing the sea lions and firing shots at them. It was definitely eerie to hear pops and explosives going off while we were standing in the rain along the shore. At one point as the boat went by the shore where we were standing it fired off a shot. (NOT at all aimed at us) The men seemed amused as we jumped at the unexpected ‘pop’. The sea lions were not near that spot at that moment so it was clear that was just for us to remind us that they do not like our presence there.

All in all it was a quiet day and no sea lions were trapped, branded or killed. So far the government has killed 9 California Sea Lions and sent one poor soul to a life of captivity at an aquarium in Chicago. The sea lions consume 2-4% of the salmon on the Columbia River. Fishermen take 17% of the salmonĀ  and the dam itself claims the lives of 7-16% of the adult fish. Clearly the sea lions are not the reason for the current salmon population problems. They are simply the scapegoat for a group of government entities that do not want to take responsibility for destroying an ecosystem. Humans have driven the salmon into a state of decline with their fishing, habitat destruction, dam construction, and even the introduction of farmed fish and non-native fish.

I am hoping to travel to the dam again this Friday so stay tuned!
Thanks for reading!


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