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Wasteful Fact Wednesday!

This week’s Wasteful Fact is in honor of wedding season, which results in a whole lot of gift giving. So lets talk a little bit about the wasteful tradition called wrapping paper.

Wrapping paper is dyed, laminated, covered in tape, and a lot of times also has additives like glitter or gold/silver on it. All of those characteristics make it non-recyclable aka a huge waste. Every single holiday, event, birthday party results in bags and bags of non-recyclable trash that ends up in a landfill. And all so that a present looks pretty. Not to mention the extreme cost, but that is a whole other topic.

According to Eco-Chick.com if every American family wrapped just three gifts in reusable materials it would save enough paper to cover 48,000 football fields.

Okay, I realize that half the fun of giving a gift is the unwrapping and surprise part, but there are other planet friendly ways to accomplish this.  Try wrapping the present in a paper bag or newspaper. You can dress it up with organic yarn, drawings, or even a small cutting from a plant in your garden. You can also wrap a gift in another gift like a scarf. Wrapping paper was something I cut out of my household this past year. I have enjoyed attaching a flower or leaf to my presents in place of a $5 bow and my friends and family have liked it a lot as well.

Save yourself money and save the planet a whole lot of waste by making this small change.

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