SeaWorld Sucks.

Tune into this page to discover a multitude of reasons why SeaWorld is a rotten establishment and why anyone that supports them should be totally and completely ashamed of themselves.





























This is a photographic comparison of SeaWorld Orlando’s orca tanks and Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman’s estate in the Hampton’s. The length of his house is 63.77 feet longer than the length of the orca tanks. Schwarzman’s home sits on 9.9 acres and is 20,000 square feet. He also owns a 20,000 square foot, 37-room home in Manhattan, along with several other homes around the world.

There are seven orcas sharing the tanks at SeaWorld Orlando. Stephen Schwarzman is 5’6”. The orcas are kept at SW Florida are:

-Tilikum: 22 feet long

-Kayla: 18.8 feet long

-Katina: 17 feet long

-Trua: 12 feet

-Nalani: 7 feet long

-Makaio: 7 feet long

-Malia: 6 feet long

In the wild these animals would spend their lives with a family swimming up to 100 miles day. At SeaWorld they are forced to perform and swim in circles in exchange for their unnatural meal of dead fish.

These orcas are stuck and forced to live within confines smaller than that of the man who owns them. Not only can Stephen Schwarzman leave his property, which dwarfs the orca tanks at SeaWorld, but in a twist of sick irony he also has a view of the ocean that the orcas were stolen from.

Stephen Schwarzman, SeaWorld and any and all SeaWorld supporters should be ashamed of themselves. Every dollar spent at SeaWorld goes into the pocket of Stephen Schwarzman so he can continue to live a lavish and self-indulgent lifestyle while the animals he exploits suffer.



12 thoughts on “SeaWorld Sucks.

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  2. Mark

    Don’t buy a ticket. Humans are a plague of this planet. The earth needs a cure.

  3. Mark

    Don’t buy a ticket. Humans are a plague on this planet. The earth needs a cure.

    • Anthony

      I agree. There forcing animals to do “tricks” while there being trained in a harsh way. Release the animals! There not in this planet to entertain people, there here to share Earth with us!

  4. Eric

    Just saw the documentary Blackfish about orcas at Seaworld. Conclusions:

    Seaworld executives are a dishonest, sleazy, immoral bunch of scumbags who mistreat these magnificent creatures for profit.

    Highly intelligent and social creatures, orca babies are separated from their mothers with whom they would normally live THEIR WHOLE LIVES. In the documentary the mothers wail with gut-wrenching grief when this happens and send out long-distance calls to their babies. But they don’t know the babies have been carted off to another orca-mistreatment center for human enjoyment.

    Orcas, which normally scoot around the oceans, sometimes going as far as 100 miles in a day, are confined to essentially prison-like small-space confinement, and are punished with hunger when they don’t do tricks for humans.

    Seaworld continuously lies about the dozens of injuries and several deaths of their trainers, claiming it was the trainer’s fault. A little investigation reveals that the real cause of the problem is that they’re taking great animals out of their pods, imprisoning them, mistreating them, and then are surprised when bad things happen. And then they lie about it.

    Meanwhile, Seaworld’s bottom-feeding attorneys and pr hacks are stuffing their pockets with money, deceiving their workers, and deceiving the public about what really goes on there. Just another day’s work at the company.

    Seaworld: modern day evil staring us in the face. And what these scuzzy characters do is perfectly legal. (For now.)

  5. Sonya

    Sonya==== I live in Washington state and feel blessed to see orcas in the wild here. I know how our pods suffered when sea world et al took the babies and drowned the adults in the 1970’s. I saw it and cried. (to this day, the resident orcas go to the spot of the massacre and grieve) Many years later I took my kids to Sea world expecting something beautiful…all I saw were tricks and bored stressed whales. swimming aimlessly in the tanks . The people that worked there couldn’t even answer simple orca questions. ie how long do they live///in the wild 80+ years—the worker said that no orca lived longer than those in captivity( less than 20 years)===by the way, all the orcas captured in Washington state{30+ presumed to be captured or drowned) have died except for one, Lolita in florida, who the seaquariam there refuses to relasei to washington state and have a well deserved retirement. she is doomed to die there show atfer showl.

  6. Peggy

    Ah, come on…set them free. You can still live a life of excess! Captivity is cruel!

  7. Close it down and throw the owner in jail for multiple murders. Looks like each
    death was a clear case of negligent homicide and the owner of Sea World is responsible!
    Come on justice department get your shit together!

  8. Seaworld sucks big time!!! I will NEVER go visit a place that is this heartless and uncaring. SHAME ON YOU SEAWORLD and anyone who promotes this!!

  9. Daniel

    Orcas are intelligent, social, creatures, it’s ironic that they capture orcas JUST TO SATISFY A COUPLE OF DUMB HUMANS WHO KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ORCAS. Anyways, as you continue to protest on about orcas, I don’t think sea,life are ready to release them, damn, anyways, where did I put my iPad with plague inc? I got a lot of evolving for the dolphin pox to do to infect humans.

  10. Kirk Smith

    I’m probably not the customary poster for this. Orcas are not to be loved. They are wild animals. Seaworld sees them as cash cows. When they killed a trainer seaworld blamed the trainer. The Orca killed the trainer because it could. Whether due to abuse or the fact that the orca is a wild animal doesn’t matter. Seaworld blamed the trainer because she was dead and wanted to keep the cash coming. Since they know Orcas would kill from time to time then logically they are responsible for any death that occurs. I don’t care about the orca any more than I care about a snake that kills someone. I do care about corporations killing people for greed. The fact that they are abusing these animals by keeping animals that range for 100s of miles in the open ocean to swimming pools which to us would be like living in a closet, just adds insult to injury. Seaworld are killers and abusers and the fact that they have commercials to say how great they are tells me they are not the slightest bit sorry for it. Seaworld needs to realize they can exist without the Orcas and continue to be a destination or they can put their head in the sand and fold. Everyday more and more people are done with the brand. Time is ticking seaworld.

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