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New Page!

I’ve added a new page to my blog called SeaWorld Sucks. It will be a place that you can refer friends, family, or even strangers to so they can understand the truths behind the world’s “leading” marine park. I hope everyone enjoys the first post! I worked really hard to create a photographic comparison that would show how incredibly disconnected those that own SeaWorld are from the animals they exploit.
Check out the pages at the top or just click here!
Thanks for reading!


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A New Book that SeaWorld Does NOT Want You to Read!

New book will be released July 2012

 I most certainly will be pre-ordering this book within the next couple of months. Death at Sea World doesn’t come out until July 17, 2012, but it is already creating a lot of talk amongst those that both support and oppose captivity. Author David Kirby looks into the atrocious industry of marine mammal captivity and how detrimental it is keeping orcas within the small concrete tanks at amusement parks.

Aerial view of orca tanks at SeaWorld

I truly hope a lot of people buy and read this book and learn about a company that profits off of the torture and exploitation of marine mammals. You can pre-order your copy of Death at SeaWorld by clicking HERE!


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