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Another season of blood and death in Taiji

I was hoping for a blood-free weekend out of Taiji, Japan. I was hoping the fishermen would continue to come back to the harbor without any dolphins, but this weekend marked the first deaths in the 2012-2013 dolphin hunting season. A pod of pilot whales were found on Friday and driven into shore. The nets were dropped and the family of about 25 or 26 were all trapped, awaiting their fate. They were held overnight in the cove to allow trainers to come select the animals that they wanted to buy. Three of the pilot whales were chosen for a life a captivity yesterday. The rest of their family, about 21-23 others, were all slaughtered and dragged to the butcher house.

I cannot believe how shocked I still am after a slaughter has taken place. I have been following the dolphin hunts in Taiji for a couple of years now, but it is still a somber and dark day for me when a family of these peaceful creatures are killed. It is senseless and barbaric and such a shameful moment for those involved. My heart goes out to the 3 juveniles taken into captivity this weekend. They were first chased into the cove by boats and trapped there, then separated from their pod by loud and forceful humans, and finally they had to listen as their mothers and family members were all killed. What a tragedy they should never have had to endure.

Currently, there is a pod a bottlenose dolphins trapped in the cove with a second one still trying desperately to get away. I am sending my hopes and thoughts to those innocent animals and I truly hope they get away and do not face the same fate as the pilot whales and the pod trapped already.


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More Bad News in Taiji

I was a little shocked this morning when I was scrolling through Facebook and saw a post from a friend about slaughters at the cove in Taiji. I guess it is Taiji and all but I was still not expecting to read that. On April 28,  off the coast of Taiji, Japan a drive took place involving pilot whales. 20-30 pilot whales were driven into the cove where most were killed. The few whose lives were spared were taken into the dark world of captivity. It is sad that the water ran red in that beautiful town once again. The dolphin drives ended in March, but the harpoon season off shore continued. Several lives have been lost since March but none of the scale that the dolphin hunting season sees.

Photo taken by Sayaka Nakamura


The drive hunt season has now come to a formal close, but it will start up again in September.

I am hoping to travel to Taiji, Japan during the 2012-2013 dolphin hunting season so stay tuned for those developments.

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